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Posted by putijasmien pada 14 April 2007

by admin
  • MBA Scholarship Program from Sampoerna Foundation 2008
    The Sampoerna Foundation overseas Master of Business Administration (MBA) program for Indonesia students. Sampoerna Foundation provides the qualified individuals the opportunity to pursue a Master of Business Administration degree at leading business schools overseas. Upon completing the program, scholars are expected to return to Indonesia and endeavor to transfer their knowledge to their fellow citizens. Application […]. Link to

  • [USA] Fulbright Scholarship for Master’s Degree and PhD
    If wish study in America, try scholarship Fulbright given by American Indonesian Exchange Foundation (AMINEF). According To Michael E McCoy, executive Director Aminef, there is 1428 Indonesia students has received Fulbright scholarship. Most of this scholarship prepared for Master’s degree (S2) and PhD (S3). ….[…]. Link To

  • [Italy]Scholarships from the Government of Italy
    Beasiswa dari Pemerintah Italia untuk Warga Negara Indonesia. The Government of Italy offers scholarships to Indonesian citizens wishing to pursue their studies in Italy. The selection is held annually by a Selection Committee consisting of competent authorities and expert representing both Italy and Indonesia. This Scholarship grants are distributed for students, professionals, teachers, and artists…[…]. Link To

  • [Netherland] Master Program Scholarship from StuNed
    StuNed offers master (S2) scholarship. Requirements : Indonesia citizen, Bachelor degree (S1), GPA (IPK) 2.75 , TOEFL Computer based 213 or ITP 550. Work experience min. 2 years, reasoning of education according to major taken, ready to finalize study during receiving scholarship, and maximum age 40 years per 1 September 2007. Deadline of application for Java …[…]. Link To

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